Company Fire Safety Drill

2017-12-26 16:20:03

      In order to make all Zecen staff to be familiar with how to use fire extinguishers, to master the response and escape skills towards sudden fire hazard, to learn to put out fires and orderly personnel and financial evacuation to ensure the safety of employees and property.On August 1st, 2017 at 15:00pm, all staff members jointly participated in the training in Taizhou facility on fire knowledge and drill to raise awareness of fire safety and fire fighting capabilities to prevent fire accidents.

General Manager Mr.Liu Zhenguo paid high attention to this drill and had given great care, support and help from all stages of this practice from planning, preparation, organization and implementation to formal training. Li Zhengdong, the Manager of Purchasing and Logistics Department personally deployed the drills, commanded the drills on scene, gave orders to the, observed the drills, and took overall control on the drills.

     On August 1st, 2017, the fire drill was officially started at 15:00pm. First, the manager Li Zhengdong gave a speech and explained how to use the hand-held dry-type fire extinguishers and then people participated in the drill personally experienced how to use the fire extinguishers correctly to put out a fire. The fire drill was conducted in an intense and orderly manner, which was finally reached the expectation and came to a complete success.

 After the drill was over, Manager Li Zhengdong gave an explanation for all the employees participated in the drill on fire safety emergency operation and fire escape skills, and taught everyone what to do in case of fire, how to properly call the police, fight for rescue, evacuate and how to save themselves and escape. Finally, General Manager Liu Zhenguo made a general comment on this fire drill and fully affirmed the results of the drill. He praised the employees for their compliance and prompt action and urged them to further raise their safety awareness.

     After this activity, employees 'awareness of safety has been raised, employees' awareness of prevention and self-help capability have been further enhanced, and basic operations such as how to identify danger and how to take the necessary emergency measures have been taken so as to achieve quick, orderly, timely and effective results. We will regularly carry out fire knowledge training and emergency rehearsal in order to improve the overall capabilities of Zecen’s employees in emergency rescue and response, effectively reduce the risk of accidents, reduce accident losses and ensure the safe, healthy and orderly development of the Company.