Zecen’s Sixth Anniversary and Tour in Wuxi

2017-12-13 16:20:02

    In order to promote the exchange among employees, create a harmonious corporate culture, enhance team cohesion, and celebrate the company's 6th birthday, Zecen employees carried out one-day trip to three kingdoms city and Shuihu city in Wuxi.

    People gathered at 7:00 am in the morning and no one was late. set off without a team arrived late, we embarked on a journey excited. We are all enthusiastic, all the way laughter, enjoyable. After 2 hours of bumps, everyone finally reached the area. First visit is the Three Kingdoms City, but unfortunately the sky is not beautiful, the torrential downpour, my colleagues twos and threes help each other umbrella, may not remember after explaining the commentary, but must remember this quietly for himself playing Who are umbrella partners, they should applaud them.

      Afternoon after lunch, the rain did not stop the meaning, in order not to regret, we went to Wuxi to visit Hollywood room, after the rain stops, we return to the City Water Margin in the best of spirits to continue to visit the tour. Imperceptibly a day trip on this end, we have to according to the feeling on the bus to go home the car.

    The team trip not only enriched the amateur activities of the staff, so that the stress of the usual tense and busy work has been alleviated, but also enhanced the friendship between employees, enhance the sense of collective honor. At the same time, the management of enterprises is more humanized, I believe we will be more enthusiastic into life, work. This activity has been strongly supported by the leadership and the active participation of the staff. Thanks to the company for giving employees the opportunity to go on a trip!!! Wind with rain, rain to help wind, we believe that Ze Cheng's future will be better! Happy birthday!