Zecen’s Sixth Anniversary, Numbers Could Measure the Time, But could not Measure Our Feelings and Dreams!

2017-12-13 16:13:49

On August 12, 2011, Jiangsu Zecen Biotech was established in Jiangyin. Up to now, it has been six spring and autumn and six-year hard work. Today's Zecen Biotech is at the height of his youth and vigour with innumerable great achievements. In order to celebrate Zecen’s six anniversary birthday, Zecen Biotech’s branch companies and all departments have carried out a series of activities.

Build Outstanding Execution – Zecen Biotech ‘s Management External Training Activities.

In order to enhance Zecen’s team execution and build a team with combat effectiveness, competitiveness and cohesion, Zecen held a external training program of "Creating Excellent Execution Power" for senior management in July 2017. Totally there were 83 people participating in this training. The improvement of executive power of each employee means the improvement of the whole company. The improvement of executive power means that Zecen would have stronger combat effectiveness, competitiveness and cohesion! That is also means that all Zecen people would have one step closer to "Zecen’s Dream".

Jiangsu Zecen Biotech (Jiangyin Team)  Activity Photos

During Zecen’s sixth anniversary, all Jiangyin local employees took an active part in one-day Wuxi Long Temple outreach activities. This activity helped to enhance the emotional exchanges among colleagues, create a team spirit of mutual trust and understanding, and fully tap and stimulate the potential of individuals and teams.

Taizhou Zecen Biotech (Taizhou Team) Activities Photos

During Zecen’s sixth anniversary, in order to promote the communication among employees, create a harmonious corporate culture, enhance team cohesion, Taizhou Zecen Biotech’s employees carried out one-day team activity in Wuxi on August 12. This activity enriched the employees’s leisure-time activities, enhanced the friendship between employees and enhanced the collective sense of honor.

Nonlocal Marketing Team Activities Photos

During Zecen’s sixth anniversary, the marketing team organized a wonderful team mountaineering activities, climbing Huangshan Mountain in the rain. "To measure the peak by reaching out the feet, walk in the cloud light without minding the layers " Mountaineering activities help to expand employees’horizons of staff, temper team’s will and improve the team spirit.

Oration of the President

Six years like a fleeting play, Zecen Biotech started from one or two laboratories, but until today there are three production bases, several subsidiaries, nearly 300 employees, Zecen have participated in domestic and foreign exhibitions for many times and enjoyed reputation in the industry. That is the result of all Zecen people’s unremitting efforts. On the occasion of Zecen’s sixth anniversary, I would like to thank those Zecen people who have made contribution for Zecen. Have you is to have the future! With intensified competition in the industry and stepping up of supervision, Zecen needs to be more focused, focused on IVD, focused on product quality, focused on the market. To build Zecen’s brand with our sweat and contribution and at the same time to fulfill ourselves. Continuing success, I hope everyone continues to work hard! I wish Zecen to achieve greater glory in the future! 

Sixth anniversary, numbers can measure time, but can not measure our feelings and dreams. Zecen people will keep in mind the philosophy of "changing the melody of life with science and technology" and go all out to seek truth and being pragmatic. We sincerely wish Zecen Biotech to create great career and achieve greater glory under the rapid development of Chinese IVD industry and increasing competitive environment.